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When a quilter picks fabric for a quilt, she will look at different parts of a print to select the parts that work best. A well-made striped shirt, or slipcover, is cut so that the pattern matches at the seams. Choosing the best parts of a tartan so that the pattern will look its best […]

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If you spend much time around tartans, as I have, you begin to recognize that the scale of the pattern differs greatly. Some, like Rob Roy, are small, some, like Royal Stewart are quite large. This can be a real challenge in selecting a tartan to stitch. Since it’s the relative size of the stripes […]

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Recently I was accused of illegally charting and selling tartans illegally. I want to publicly say that this accusation is completely and totally false. I did extensive research and even went and asked the folks at the tartan registry about it. Here’s the full story. When you make a tartan you can take the plaid […]

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A tartan is defined by the width and sequence of stripes, called the sett. They are defined and registered through a threadcount, which is the formula for weaving the plaid. The fabric you see is the result of applying the formula to weaving. Threadcounts are never used to create the needlework charts. I look at […]

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PLAID HAPPENS! As we learned in the article about tartans, a plaid is just stripe made in two directions. We use this aspect of plaids to stitch them as well. As long as you know the colors, the stripes’ widths, and the sequence, you can stitch any plaid. They are all stitched exactly the same […]

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Tartans, most properly, are symmetrical plaids usually associated with Scotland or Scottish items. In fact, to be a tartan the plaid must be registered in the Official Tartan Registry. There are tartans not only for clans (Scottish families), military units, bands, colleges and universities, companies, clubs, cities, states, and even countries. Most correctly, you wear […]

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Birthday plaids are made so that the vertical and horizontal stripes reflect the name and birthdate of a person. They make unique gifts, especially for a baby. I especially like them as baby presents because they must be finished after the baby is born. Numbers are stitched with stripes the width of each digit. Letters […]

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There can be a bewildering array of choices for many last names. Be as specific as you can about the plaid you want. I will email you with questions and to confirm your choice of tartan. Your custom tartan will be charted and ready in about two weeks. The cost is for the charting service, […]

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Looking for a plaid for a special person or occasion? Why not create a unique stitched plaid, based on any name, word or date. Just specify what you want for the horizontal and vertical directions, the colors you want and whether you want needlepoint or cross stitch. Your custom plaid will be charted and ready […]

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I offer classes in stitched plaids in three formats. Birthday Plaid Cyberclass – $20. This class will be offered as an email class in February 2011. The three lesson class covers both needlepoint and cross stitch. It creates a birthday plaid square that can be used for a tote bag or box insert. The class […]