Stitching a plaid in needlepoint is so easy and so much fun. Once you know the simple technique, you can use needlepoint plaids to make ornaments, belts, tote bags, pillows, box tops, tree toppers, and more.

Frustrated by the methods I read for stitching plaids, I developed my method for stitching plaids and began to make them more than a decade ago. My love of tartans (going back to my childhood) lead me to efforts to work them out for stitching based on illustrations of tartans and my own stitching method.

I have been creating and saving these charts for years and only now have found an economical method to share them with you. They are completely and entirely my own work based on pictures and not on formulas or weaving instructions.

Needlepoint Plaids is a one stop shop and information site for plaids. Here you can learn about different kinds of plaids, how to stitch a plaid, and order various products and custom charts.

There are free projects and a gallery of stitched plaids too.

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