PLAID HAPPENS! As we learned in the article about tartans, a plaid is just stripe made in two directions. We use this aspect of plaids to stitch them as well. As long as you know the colors, the stripes’ widths, and the sequence, you can stitch any plaid. They are all stitched exactly the same way. We’ll use the Rob Roy plaid as the example. Begin by stitching the vertical stripes. The picture above shows the chart for this. Since you stitched every other stitch, the result looks like very odd stripes. Once the vertical stripes are complete, fill in the horizontal stripes. As youRead More →

Looking for a plaid for a special person or occasion? Why not create a unique stitched plaid, based on any name, word or date. Just specify what you want for the horizontal and vertical directions, the colors you want and whether you want needlepoint or cross stitch. Your custom plaid will be charted and ready in about two weeks. This is a two-step process. First you must specify what you need for the plaid by filling out the form below. Then you must pay for the plaid. No work is undertaken unless both steps are completed. You will be emailed a confirmation with an expectedRead More →