Custom Birthday Plaid

sample custom birthday plaid chart, from Janet Perry
Custom Birthday Plaid Chart

Looking for a plaid for a special person or occasion? Why not create a unique stitched plaid, based on any name, word or date.

Just specify what you want for the horizontal and vertical directions, the colors you want and whether you want needlepoint or cross stitch. Your custom plaid will be charted and ready in about two weeks.

This is a two-step process. First you must specify what you need for the plaid by filling out the form below. Then you must pay for the plaid. No work is undertaken unless both steps are completed. You will be emailed a confirmation with an expected delivery date, along with any questions.

Vertcal Stripe:*
Horizontal Stripe:*
Colors (up to five allowed)*
Needlepoint or Cross Stitch:* Option1
Verification No.:*
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When you fill out the order form, give as much information as possible. If I have questions, I will email you.

Use this button if you want to order your plaid as a PDF file.

Use this button if you want to order your plaid as a printed file. USPS First Class mail is used in the US. International orders are sent cheapest way. You will be invoiced for additional shipping charges.

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