How Will I Use my Plaid?

When a quilter picks fabric for a quilt, she will look at different parts of a print to select the parts that work best. A well-made striped shirt, or slipcover, is cut so that the pattern matches at the seams.

Choosing the best parts of a tartan so that the pattern will look its best is an important part of making a successful needlepoint.

One aspect of this is centering the plaid. For a really large sett, like Royal Stewart (the biggest I’ve done), placing the interesting part of the pattern in the center prevents you from having a really large red square smack in the middle of the needlepoint with little bits of pattern on the edges.

Another aspect is knowing if the item will be long and skinny, like a belt, or short and fat like a boxtop. This allows you to choose the part of the plaid that will look best for the item and that swill be most interesting for you to stitch.

With the pre-charted tartans, there often are many parts you can choose. I’m happy to help you pick the perfect selection from the larger chart. With custom plaids of all kinds, I will create the plaid precisely to your needs.

Are you making a belt? I’ll pick the best section of the tartan to use on the narrow space.

Is it a birthday plaid going in a checkbook cover? I’ll make the chart so that the repeats work best.

My experience in charting and stitching plaids specifically for needlepoint items can help you make the best use of these charts.

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